Saturday, December 19, 2009

Manouvering through the medical maze.

The oncologist, on Thursday Dec 17, knew an awful lot about the treatment options but had trouble conveying the information clearly to us!
The following day I was able to ask questions of two nurses in the field. They both contacted the specialist for me and got some much needed clarification. How great is it to have people like this to call on?
It now seems that the preferred option for me is the surgical removal of my ovaries and 5 years of tablets, with no chemotherapy. I can choose chemotherapy as well, but it only adds a little benefit. We can apparently still go away on our trip, whatever I choose.

Roz and I couldn't have guessed that from the discussion we had with the oncologist!

This will hopefully be explained more fully to us on Monday.
I am taking my full think- tank team with me: Rick and Roz! Three heads will be better than one or two! We are prepared !

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