Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lunch out and Choir Dinner

Tuesday December 8
Jee took me for a lovely Thai lunch. She has kindly offered us her apartment to stay in, when we are in Seoul. They will be visiting relatives in US.

That night the choir had a farewell dinner at the club for their musical director of 23 years. It was a lovely occasion. Richard ( who is president) and his committee did a great job.
I stayed awake well! I can really feel that I am getting back to normal health. A little further to go, but on the track!

We also decided on booking an organised tour of Spain for 9 of the 18 days we have in Europe! Big decision and it's very exciting. This will not only be fun, but it will minimise the walking with bags and searching for accommodation and the tourist destinations. This will help me manage better. We've never been to Spain, so it's going to be wonderful. Now we need to organise what will do each side for the Spain tour.
I also has a swine flu vaccination today, in preparation for Winter in Seoul and Europe!

If I get the "all clear" from the Oncologist on Dec 17, we leave for Seoul on December 29.

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