Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday April 1

Rare photos of Jeni and Paul... taken at the wedding reception on Sunday.

I spent today at school. I have been filling in while a colleague is on leave. She takes small groups and individual students. It's been a pleasant week, with a half day of teaching and three days of assisting in the Enrichment program.
I started the new medication this week. It's called Arimidex. The plan is that I am on this medication for five years. It's really nice to have all the treatment decisions made now. There should be no more changes, unless I have intolerable side effects on this new medication. So far, so good. Only regular check-ups from now on! It's a good feeling.

We are going to spend three nights in Sydney at Paul and Jeni's beach-side apartment. This is ideal for us to take a breather and relax while looking at the ocean. The National Folk Festival is on in Canberra this weekend. I originally wanted to go to that, but my fitness level is not quite adequate to really enjoy the whole weekend there. Taking into account the circumstances of the last six months, the mini beach-side holiday is "just what the doctor ordered". Thanks Paul and Jeni. We appreciate your generosity.

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