Saturday, April 3, 2010


Richard's choir had two outdoor gigs at the Folk Festival on Good Friday. Sylvia and I got there after church and in time for the second gig. The choir sang well. We all had an enjoyable day listening to the different types of music and appreciating the many talented people. We all thoroughly enjoyed the Beatles Singalong. As always, buying our snacks and meals is a highlight. We had our old favourites: German , Turkish, Ethiopian and Dutch, as well as a couple of coffees. I also tasted some delicious Tassie ginger beer.

Today (Easter Saturday) we have arrived in Cronulla to spend a couple of nights overlooking the beach. It is going to be a lovely break for us.

North Cronulla

Gunamatta Bay

What a great view! It was a bit too cool to swim, but it was nice to watch the waves.

We arrived home on Monday in the early afternoon. The roads were busy but the traffic moved steadily. We were thankful to get home safely. Not a great time to be on the roads.

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