Friday, April 16, 2010

My Birthday ( part three)

Last night I had a birthday visit from Roz, who gave me a lovely shawl. Cameron came over with a huge bunch of flowers. I talked to Deirdre on the phone, and then we went out for dinner. I wore the shawl.

Cameron, Rick and I had a nice time at dinner.

When we came home, Stuart and Cherie were on skype , ready to talk to wish me Happy Birthday. They had some news for us! Stuart has been given his holiday dates. it's the last week in July.They are hoping to come and visit us for 8 days! This is the longest break he can have. It's early days in the planning, but we hope to have a great family time both in Sydney and Canberra. It was a great Birthday present to hear this news.

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Lyndal and Nick said...

Happy Birthday AJ!
It looks like you had a lovely day. I'm excited about Stuart and Cherie coming to visit.. we loved seeing them in Seoul and wished we had more time there!
Love Lyndal