Sunday, December 9, 2012

November has come and gone

Where did November go?

I will have to cast my mind back to recall what we've been up to.

Lois playing in the "box cubby house" with Granddad. Our reverse cycle air conditioner finally died after only 34 years of constant use! This box marks the start of a new era of heating/cooling in the family room.

November 6 marked three years since my mastectomy. A lot has gone on for me (and the family) in those three years! I am due for my next check-up in two weeks.
Both of us have been busy working. I had about 2 to 3 days' teaching a week and Rick is working hard at the Dept Health and is enjoying the ongoing work.

Sunday November 11
 I had an enjoyable  time at a church picnic on Springbank Island.... in the middle of Lake Burley Griffin. I had never been there before. Rick stayed home because he was keen to catch up on some much needed gardening. When the enthusiasm was there, he needed to do it!

November 24 and 25
On this weekend, Rick and I celebrated our 35th Wedding Anniversary ( actual anniversary is November 26th).
How the time goes!
We had a very relaxing weekend at  Bateman's Bay. We walked near the river and on the beach, watched the cricket test in our motel room, had a lovely dinner and a refreshing swim in the ocean. It felt like we were away for a week!

Tuesday November 27th  I went for a routine eye test to get some new reading glasses.
I got a shock when the optometrist asked me to read the chart. My left eye was so poor that I couldn't read ANY of the letters! He even said, "Oh, that's not good!" Two more appointments later I had it confirmed that I have a fast growing cataract on the back of the lens of my left eye. I have now been referred to a specialist to see what needs to be done.   I have the appointment next Thursday Dec 13th.

Did I notice? I had noticed that it's hard to read some days and that the world looks foggy at times.... night time or in low light, but I just always put it down to being tired.
I hadn't realised how poor my left eye's vision had become in the last year. My right eye is doing all the work. If I close my good eye, I can't see anything clearly. With my left eye, I can't read the road signs at a distance other signs, so I am expecting that they will say I need a cataract operation.
I don't mind telling you that I felt very flat about this when I got the news. It was a shock and then it was all about having yet another thing to deal with. I have had one thing after another in the last three years! This one may not be related to the medication. Not sure if I'll ever  find out. It could be age or UV exposure related.
Anyway, I am over the shock and the disappointment and now ready to take on this next challenge.

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