Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Early Christmas in Sydney

December 15th and 16th
Our family travelled to Sydney to have an early Christmas celebration with Mum and Dad. It was a very special time. Cherie, who has four weeks to go until the birth of her second child, managed well. It was lovely for Mum and Dad to see Lois for a longer time. Lois will be 20 months old by Christmas.

Stuart and Rick, Cameron, Ma, Pa, Cherie, Janelle and Lois
 After lunch, Paul and Deirdre and Paul and Jeni dropped in to see us. Emma came too with special goodies to eat for afternoon tea. That was lovely. It felt like Christmas.
 Lois instantly liked Uncle Paul

 Lois liked playing with Aunty Deirdre outside. She continually practised stepping up and down the gutter! What fun!

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