Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Mum and Dad celebrate 60 years together

On Thursday 18th October Mum and Dad celebrated their 60th Wedding Anniversary.
Last Saturday ( 20th Oct)  "us kids" took them out to lunch to celebrate. It was very special.
Deirdre had organised a lot of nice touches to make the day special, including a cake and three beautiful bunches of flowers. She also arranged for Mum and Dad to receive special cards and letters from the Queen, Governor General, Premier and other local members of government.

Rick couldn't be there because he was singing with his choir at a Jazz festival on the South Coast. He also had a good time, but he had to miss this special lunch.

Dad hasn't been well but he managed the lunch and enjoyed it. We were all very pleased he did.

 Afterwards Mum got out her wedding dress. It had a pink satin petticoat and very pale pink trim on the dress itself. We had fun looking at it and marvelling how well it had lasted for the 60 years and how tiny the waist and sleeves measurements were.

Sylvia has some lovely photo on her blog, which I have copied here. Thanks Sylvia!

Mum and Dad's Wedding Day - 18.10.1952

All of us down by the Georges River (except for Rick, who was singing with his choir at Moruya.)

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