Friday, August 5, 2011

Lots happening here!

 Mum and Dad enjoying the sunshine at Mum's 80th birthday celebrations at the family camp in the Royal National Park, Sydney.
 We enjoyed eating the huge sponge cake!
 Mum holding beautiful 5 week-old great grand daughter, Sophie
 Sophie asleep

 Mum and Dad and us
32 of us were able to come to the 80th birthday celebration. It was a fabulous time.
We missed Stuart, Cherie, Lois, Blake, Jonas and Ruby.

The last few weeks have been really busy here. We've had a wonderful weekend away with the extended family to celebrate mum's 80th Birthday. Deep sadness, disappointment and heart-break over the loss in pregnancy of a much anticipated baby, in our extended family. Richard falling and breaking his rib in a "social" basketball game. Lastly, from Seoul, the wonderful safe arrival of Stuart, Cherie and Lois. Cherie came into the country as a temporary ( soon to be permanent) Australian resident and Lois, as an Australian citizen! Lois will have dual citizenship. They are settling in well. It's only been a week! Lois is adorable and it's lovely to have both Stuart and Cherie here.

 Stuart, Cherie and Lois arriving in Sydney airport...... with John meeting them.

 Two of Rick's brothers, Andrew and John, were at the airport to greet them.
 Me enjoying holding Lois while here parents adjusted the car seat.

 Ma painted this sign!
 Great Aunty Deirdre and Great Grand...Ma

Pa and Ma welcoming them.

 Great Uncle John and Lois
Great Aunty Jeni and Lois
I have had two weeks in my new job as Enrichment teacher ( for the equivalent of three days a week). Richard has now resumed his six month contract... after being absent for holidays and injury! Life is busy! I am thankful to be well enough to manage this fast-paced life at the moment. Such a change from this time last year , for me!

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