Friday, July 22, 2011

From sunshine and warmth to chilly weather

                                                                       Airlie Beach
Us mucking around with the timer on the camera in down town Mackay
Angela, Tom, Richard and Janelle on the beach. It was a bit of a rainy day in Mackay.
We are back home after a refreshing two-week holiday up in North Queensland. It was great see friends in Cairns and visit places like Port Douglas and Airlie Beach. We had a great time with Tom, Angela and Gene in Mackay too. We drove a fair way in the two weeks. The roads are pretty bad up that way, with precious little divided road and lots of roadworks, due to the huge amount of damage caused by recent cyclones and flooding.

                                            Mackay Orchid House

  Innisfail or Ingham? Can't remember which town..... but the sign was good!
Off the skyrail near Cairns

July has turned out to be a busy month. We will be away to celebrate Ma's 80th Birthday this weekend. The following weekend we are back to Sydney to pick up Stuart, Cherie and Lois. Thne it two weeks we will have an openhouse to welcome them to Canberra. In between that there's much to do to get the house ready. We need to finish cleaning out all the stuff that somehow happens to be in our spare rooms, ready for our special Korean guests!
Venice and John's garden in Cairns. We ate their home grown paw paw for breakfast

It was lovely to stay with Venice and John and have time to catch up.

Arrivng to gloomy weather in Canberra. We got the public bus right home from the airport.
Quite easy really!

Both of us have work now. I have part time work until December. Richard has full time work until then.

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