Saturday, June 25, 2011

New job and good news

Richard starts work on a six month contract next Tuesday. He has been working only a handful of days in the last year or so. This is great for him to keep his skills alive. He has enjoyed being semi-retired, but is looking forward to the challenges of this new contract. He will be working in the same department and floor as Cameron! We went out to dinner last night to celebrate his new job!
Richard has also gone away this weekend to sing in some concerts. I will have the weekend here alone.

I worked 4 days this week! I managed well. I also got the "all clear" from my latest check-up this week.
This is always nice to hear.

Stuart is now enrolled in the CIT here, to start when he returns with Cherie and Lois in just over a month! Richard did it on his behalf. Stuart has been given information about a job opportunity and is applying.

We also got word that our solar panels will finally be installed. We'll believe it when we see it.

All in all a busy but good week for us!

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