Monday, March 15, 2010

March 13 & 14 - a full weekend

On Saturday some friends got together at Sylvia's to welcome Penny, who is visiting from the UK. We had a great day together. We ate, talked, sang Abba songs, some swam and we all enjoyed each other's company. I came home feeling thankful that I have such a wonderful bunch of friends!

This was at brunch. Others joined us later on.

I also had the opportunity to catch up with two friends who were visiting Canberra for the weekend. We first met Peter and Jenny when we lived in Michigan, USA. They now live in Sydney after many years in USA.

I stayed with them twice, in San Francisco, when I went to visit about 5 years ago. We had great fun then and it was lovely to sit and chat with Jenny over coffee ( indoors), while Peter and his friends (the ones with the hats!) rode around Lake Burley Griffin.
It was quite cool and overcast when they set off, but I think the afternoon would have become warmer and a bit brighter by the time they were half way around the lake.

Peter looks rather angelic here. While that could be true, I think it's just my bad photography.

On Sunday Rick and I went to early church ( 9am) and then spent the day at Government House. It was the Open Day that is on each year in Canberra Week. We walked through Government House and then walked around the grounds. We enjoyed the entertainment and looking at the vintage cars. Rick's choir sang as part of the entertainment. It was a lovely sunny Autumn day and we enjoyed the time we spent there. I forgot to take the camera with me!

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