Sunday, February 24, 2013

Phoebe and eye update

This afternoon we had a lovely visit from Phoebe and her sister Lois and her mum and dad.

It was a showery afternoon and in a fine spot Grandad took Lois outside and climbed up to check the rain gutters.

 Cherie just put a few pics of Phoebe on facebook and I just copied them here. Phoebe is now nearly six weeks old and is very cute as you can see. I think she may have been visiting a friend with  her mummy and she is all wrapped up in Cherie's cardigan.

The photo below was taken in our sun room about a week ago.

My eye continues to improve after the cataract surgery. I can see very clearly and evenly now for distance and only a little help is needed for reading. I will get back to driving this coming week. Still putting all the drops in to keep the eye from getting red and itchy and have my check-up this coming Wednesday. Then back to being on-call for school.

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