Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cataract surgery update

Glad to say that the cataract surgery went well yesterday and now I can see clearly with my left eye once more. Amazing the difference .... from a thick white cloud to a clear picture.
Dr Martin Duncan was pleased with the operation and how the eye looked at the check up this morning and commented that the cataract grew very quickly indeed. I knew it was much  worse than when I saw him in December, as I needed my reading glasses on all the time and couldn't drive in the last week or so. The lens was completely and evenly covered, I think, as I couldn't see anything at all out of my left eye.
In the op, Dr Duncan said to the nurse that the cataract was " fluffy, white and soft". He also said that he wouldn't leave the next one this long!  This seemed to be a bit unusual.
This morning the doctor told me that I wouldn't need anything done on the other eye as it has very good vision. I might not need the other eye done for a year or even longer, but he can't predict.
It's a nice relief to have it over. Now I just have to be diligent with all the three lots of drops I need to use for the next few weeks. Must take it easy this week It seems very bright all around me as the eye hasn't settled back to normal as yet.
We sadly have to miss the annual church camp this coming weekend. Too many risks from sand, wind, camping, rough terrain etc for my lovely  "new eye".

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