Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Phoebe is one week old

Phoebe is going well and Cherie needs to rest. She thinks she overdid it by having a little outing, with Stuart and Phoebe, to the shops on Monday.
I have been minding Lois for a few hours on most days. She is lovely to have around. Granddad likes to see her when he comes home from work. Sadly, Lois burnt her leg in the pattern of a large metal plate/cover that she feel onto, near their apartment. It was a very hot day and the metal acted like a branding iron! I was waiting with her outside, so I felt very bad! Happily it is healing nicely.
Last night Cameron and I took Lois home and we had a chance to hold Phoebe with Lois looking on.
Phoebe Ruth is one week old....

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