Thursday, January 17, 2013

Baby Phoebe Ruth arrives!

On Tuesday 15th January at 1:38pm , a little girl came into the world. Her name is Phoebe Ruth Lamont. She is the second daughter of Stuart and Cherie, and our second granddaughter! Both Lois and Phoebe are Greek biblical names. Phoebe's middle name is a family name.... named after her great grandmother.... Eunice Ruth. Very special for us. I quickly took some not so great photos when Phoebe was very new. Hoping to have some better ones soon.

Phoebe Ruth was 3290g or 7lb4oz and 49 cms long. Both Cherie and Phoebe are doing well. They are home now after about 36hours in the hospital.
We minded 20 month old Lois for two days, including one stay overnight. She was really good for us. Now the family is home altogether. Stuart has three weeks holiday which is great for them.

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DesignRox1103 said...

Phoebe Ruth looks a bit different from Lois. What do you think? I'm happy to learn Lois made the graduation of sleeping at Grammie's House. It will be fun to see the similarities and differences between Lois and Phoebe as they grow. They most likely will be good company and playmates for each other. Lois will learn the new things that come with being a Big Sister too. I am so happy for your growing family. This is one of the HIGHS after enduring and recovering from the LOWS in recent years. So happy for you and Richard especially.

Carole Anne