Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Celebrations and holidays: part one

Today it was my turn at school to take the devotions/sharing time with the junior school staff. My topic was "'everyone has a story and wants to tell it". I brought in my special published book about our trip to Turkey, taken from my blog.
I told them that I blog! So I have come home to do a well overdue entry, which I had started (in drafts), but hadn't had a chance to complete and publish! I also showed the teachers a selection of photos covering our recent trips in the last few years. It was a big challenge to  choose some photos out of the hundreds we have. I showed 83 I think... which was still probably a few too many. The slide show attempted to cover Seoul, Berlin, Paris, Spain and Turkey!

This entry is really from April ..................


I had my 55th birthday on April 15, Lois had her first birthday on the 26th. On April 25, Stuart and Cherie celebrated their 3rd Wedding Anniversary , which was also Anzac Day.

 Rick took this photo one morning as he left for work. It's mist on the oval next to our house.

This is the first of the celebrations: My Birthday....

 All the gang came to church on my birthday, Sunday April 15. It was a very special time.

 After church the family took me to the revolving restaurant at the top of Black Mountain Tower. Such a treat for me!

 Stuart and Cherie took Lois for a walk around the restaurant in between courses. At this point in time Lois is not yet one year old, but has dined at many restaurants and cafes and we have counted that she has been to 6 weddings already!

 The day after my birthday I travelled to Sydney on the bus to spend a week with Mum and Dad. I managed to squeeze in a lovely morning tea and catch up with Julie, Lorelle and Deirdre.

Dad, Mum and I had lunch at the local cafe. I loved visiting them and we had a great week. Lots of rain fell that week, but it didn't deter us much.
 Chatting and crocheting at Lugarno, with Sylvia. Bruce and Sylvia came to Lugarno on the following weekend.
 Out with friends in Canberra. Mary-Ann, Lee and Wendy.

 Earlier in April the "Thursday Group" celebrated Linley's 60th Birthday. Lunch of course!
After lunch in the Parliament House Rose Gardens. We are missing a few people from our group. Such a great group of friends! I am very fortunate.

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