Monday, October 31, 2011

Busy October

This month has seen several birthday celebrations, a family wedding, school holidays, trips to Sydney, the buying of our new car, visitors from afar ( Josh and Sandy from Tassie, then Alison. Blake, Jonas, Ruby,Amos and Ezekiel from Ballarat. We also fitted in a whole lot of work in between.

Lois going out to meet Josh and Sandy who were visiting Canberra

Rick is very happy with his Skoda. He bought it on- line, flew to Melbourne and drove it back.

Lyndal turned 30 and we enjoyed her 70's party to celebrate her birthday and being in their new house.

Cameron and his new hairstyle for the 70's party.

Emma and Marc's wedding in Sydney on a beautiful day - Sunday October 16. 

Emma and Marc with the grandparents

Stuart with Deirdre, who  looked lovely as the mother of the bride.

us at the wedding

Deirdre with daughters , Sarah and Avril.  They were part of the bridal party.

The reception place overlooked Sydney Harbour. It was a stunning  view and a glorious day.

The day of the wedding was also Rick's Birthday. The next week was Stuart's birthday.

Lois has just turned six months old and is very entertaining and time-wasting for us. She is healthy and happy and her parents are doing well too. They have been in Australia, and living here with us, for three months now.

Lois is now 6 months old and is sitting by herself .

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