Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking it easy

Since I last wrote, I've been busy working, visiting Mum and Dad in Sydney, billeting four people for four nights for VFJ conference! This year,we had a couple from Sydney and a mother and son from Tathra.

Two weeks ago, Mum was admitted to hospital with chest pains. She had to stay in two separate hospitals for two days each. This was to have an angiogram to check her heart. The results showed that there was nothing wrong with her heart or arteries. She was told that she had a heart of a 20 year old! She had a very heavy cold, which may have complicated the symptoms. It also made it very unpleasant for her in hospital. It is not known what caused the three hours of pain she endured. I stayed in Sydney during the week after Paul and Deirdre had managed things over the long weekend. Dad and I visited her in hospital and then brought her home to recover from the angiogram. It was great news for everyone,that Mum's heart is healthy!

I am glad that the school term has finished and I can now have three weeks completely off. I was filling in on year 5 for the past week. I am finding, these days, that I need to take time out to rest and recover. Can't quite do all I could do a year ago.

Rick has three more working days left on his contract. We are planning to drive to Victoria in July. We have several friends to visit. For part of this time, we are going to stay at a retreat property, especially and generously made available for those who have been dealing with breast cancer. There are some very kind and thoughtful people in the world!

Also, this week we have seen the appointment of the first female prime minister in Australia! Quite an amazing week in politics.

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