Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wed Oct 28 to Fri Oct 30

These have been good days. I've spent time with good friends and talked to others on the phone and via e-mail. I very much enjoyed the time with my special small group on Thursday and we laughed a lot. I also attended a leaders meeting at church, which may be my last for a while.
Friday turned out to be a very good day. I had the opportunity to teach at school, on the new campus. This was fun and it was the first time I have worked there. I also was able to go to the staff morning tea at the original campus, followed by "drinks" after school. It was a great way of catching up with heaps of friends and I am grateful to all those lovely people at school, for being so supportive and caring. They gave me plenty of hugs and wished me well. I am only doing that one day of relief. I am glad I did it.
Even though I have to wait another week for surgery, it is finally feeling closer. I think the coming week will go quickly. Is this actually happening? Maybe to someone else!
I am very fortunate to have such lovely friends and family.

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