Thursday, November 5, 2015

Shanghai by night

 China Trip October 16 to Nov 1

Oct 17
Shanghai Night River Cruise on Huangpu River.

Very scenic and a pleasant cruise. Great weather.

After the cruise I got lost from our bus group! It was a worrying time. I was by myself because Rick had opted to go back to the hotel to stretch out his sore back after hours and hours on the plane and the bus! I wasn't all that familiar with our bus group members at this stage, so I was trying to follow people I thought might be on our bus. I failed!  I was trying to keep calm and think how I was going to find everyone, amongst the scores of buses and thousands of people in the dark!  The bus had parked in a different place to where it was when we fist arrived. That threw me completely.
Probably within about 10 or 15 minutes, Kelly, our tour guide found me. I was very, very  relieved. All turned out OK.

Throughout our tour we had to do constant roll calls, because of the risks of getting lost in  the huge crowds at the venues we visited.

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