Monday, December 22, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Where does the time go?
AS you can observe, I haven't been keeping up with my blog updates.
Hopefully will get some time to update this January!

For the meantime I wish you a merry Christmas with lots of fun and good times with family and friends, safe holidays and some relaxing time out of the normal hustle and bustle. I didn't send any Christmas cards this year as I had planned to do an update here.
Here is a brief version:
We celebrated our family Christmas on Saturday 20th December. It was a great day.... mainly watching the girls having fun with their abundant gifts. Grandparents went a little bit over the top! Rick's borther Andrew joined us which was special. In the afternoon we had a swim and afternoon tea at Bruce and Sylvia's and Stuart and family caught up with the Canberra cousins and their families. Thanks Bruce for this photo: Sam, Ben, Lois and Phoebe  enjoying time together after a swim. They see each other once a week and their Mainly Music playgroup.

There is great excitement as Stuart, Cherie, Lois and Phoebe are off to Korea on Christmas Eve to visit Cherie's family and  catch up with some friends. They'll be away for just over two weeks.
After taking the Stu-fam to the airport, I will stay in Sydney and Rick and Cameron will arrive later on Christmas Eve.
Dad is in hospital and is very ill with Pneumonia and several other conditions. This is following another bout in hospital last week.
So it will be a different Christmas this year. Not sure how well he will be and it's very likely he will have a steady stream of family visitors in the hospital over the time.... if he is up to that. Mum is coping really well but must be exhausted. I was in Sydney with Mum for a few days last week and Deirdre and Paul and spouses are helping out lots this week. So Mum has got lots of support, which she needs right now.

The year seemed very busy. Rick and I both worked.. Rick full-time, me part time.. which felt like full time!  Noticing more health tests and doctor visits and bills... this year!
I have reached the 5 year clear-of-cancer milestone, which feels really great! My brother Bruce has reached it too. Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Cameron continues to work hard... and keep an eye on his dad who works on the same floor! He is having  two week break from work now, to rest and recharge his energy for the new year.

I hope you have a wonderful, peaceful and safe Christmas with family and with friends.

I try and upload some pics soon!

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