Monday, July 7, 2014

Dad : May to August & Mum's July Birthday

The month of May saw Dad get really ill with a lung infection. It landed him in hospital for a couple of weeks. I was able to skip work and spend some time in Sydney.
Dad also had problems with skin cancers growing on his head. The specialist kindly looked in on him while he was being treated for the lung infection. This shortened the time to wait, but it has still been a very slow process for Dad to get the treatment he has needed. Now it's July and he is about to start a 4 week course of radiation therapy, as an operation to remove the skin cancers was considered too risky for Dad. Very difficult time for him and for Mum. He spent the whole time in the private hospital while having the 17 sessions of radiation treatment.

Mum's birthday in July : The day before his initial treatment Dad was well enough to go out to a birthday lunch at a nearby cafĂ© with Mum, Deirdre and I.
We had to take Dad for his first radiation therapy treatment on Mum's Birthday ( July3)

Dad at the cafe
Mum enjoying her pre-birthday lunch

Coffee out with Mum on her birthday. Looking good for 83!


 Mum and Dad in August. Dad's treatment on the skin cancers on his head is over and he is recovering well now. Amazing to see! He has survived once more.



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