Monday, March 31, 2014

Family Reunion and ENLIGHTEN Festival


I taught 14 days in March.  It seemed pretty busy, as I recall.

The first weekend was our family reunion in a beautiful house in Bundanoon. The ten of us "oldies"spent the weekend there. On Saturday, March 1st, some of the grandchildren and great grand children visited us.

 Deirdre and Phoebe out for a walk.
 Lois and the cows.

Sophie and Lois loved playing with the umbrellas.
 Lots of room to relax together.
 Joshua with his parents, James and Sarah, celebrating his 1st Birthday.
 Stuart and Phoebe
 Paul and Braxton.

 Pa and Sylvia
The great grandies that were able to come, all lined up in age order: Braxton, Joshua, Phoebe, Sophie, Lois and Noah.

Stuart and Cherie with the girls... out for a walk in the drizzle.

Rick and I went to the ENLIGHTEN Festival : part of Canberra's Birthday celebrations.

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