Friday, January 31, 2014

Happy New Year!

It's already the end of January!
Rick's contract was renewed for another six months! He started work again on January 2 and really likes his job. Cameron is now his boss!

In early January, Rick and I had a very enjoyable time one weekend, visiting Deirdre and family at their camp site at Broulee and then travelling on to Nowra to spend time with Richard and Jenny.
Here we are at Broulee trying out our new wet suits we got for Christmas. They are great.

Phoebe's First Birthday was on January 15.
We celebrated the weekend prior with a party luncheon here at home.

Phoebe has been practising all this month to master that amazing new skill of walking! She has it now!  Such fun for us to see her accomplish that feat.  She looks more grown up suddenly... but still in a tiny package!

Lois is using her imagination and playing games with me , such as Shops. We love having her visit and enjoy spending time with her.

I've been to visit Mum and Dad in one of the weeks and Rick and I have just returned from a lovely 5 day break at the coast..... over the Australia Day weekend plus two days.

Rick is now back at work and I have attended a course at school. I'm not expecting much work in February, but one never knows.

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