Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013 - celebrations before Christmas Day

We enjoyed several celebrations around Christmas time. Some with friends and some with family.... both here in Canberra and in Sydney.


 Lunch with the lovely friends in the Thursday group ( Dec 19)

 Ma with 4 month old Braxton ( Lunch in Sydney, Dec 21)

Miriam, Ma and Braxton

Brother and sister together , John and Miriam : Sat 21st December

 Pa.......having a reasonable day and  feeling not too bad (aged 85 yrs 10 months!)

Noah and Sophie ....seated with Cameron, Jeni, Pa and Ma, Nicole and Richard... (also here : Paul, John, Matt, Braxton and me not pictured).

Delicious lunch

Unfortunately Stuart got very sick  in the week leading up to Christmas Day. He and his family could not join us in Sydney on the weekend before Christmas. Stuart contracted some powerful and somewhat baffling infection that left him very weak and not able to lift anything, walk or even stand without pain.

On Sunday 22nd December, Cameron, Rick and I had our "traditional" cafe breakfast with Andrew. It was good to catch up with him.

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