Saturday, November 30, 2013

November 2014

It was significant for me to note that I have reached four years post breast cancer diagnosis ( Oct 6 2009) and operation ( Nov 6 2009)! Drug treatment is ongoing, but the time is ticking away.

We celebrated our 36th Wedding Anniversary ( Nov 26). Where has the time gone?

Also many fun times were had with Lois and Phoebe. Such a joy to watch them grow and change.

I visited Mum and Dad in Sydney for a week, which is always enjoyable.

Both Cameron and Stuart have been busy at work doing higher duties. They have appreciated the opportunities and experience this has given them.

Rick is working hard, not far away from Cameron. Rick's contract finishes in late December and with the uncertainty of employment that the new Government has brought, he is appreciating having a job at all and is hoping it continues into the new year ( against the odds).

I've been teaching regularly and have been enjoying the fun and flexibility of  day-to-day casual work.

We caught up with our friend John H . He came for a meal and Roz joined us too. Life gets busy and it's easy to forget to spend time with friends at home. My energy levels are improving, for which I am grateful, but I still find that I need to rest a fair bit.

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