Friday, September 6, 2013

Spring is here

They tell us that it has been a mild Winter, one of the mildest, or the mildest, on record ; but I felt that it was long and cold. Could have been the frequency of grey skies and wet weather days that made it seem colder.

July and August have been busy months. We had two weeks holiday in July, which was wonderful. We went to the Red Centre for the first week and to the Gold Coast in the second week. In between we celebrated Cameron's 30th Birthday with a brunch at our place.

Then back to work for both of us. Rick was fortunate to get a new 6 month contract at the same place... till Christmas Eve.
I filled in at school for almost six weeks of term 3. Now I am back to doing day to day relief, which I prefer.
We've just bought a new car...... a Skoda Yeti. We then waved goodbye to our little Honda Jazz, which we'd had and enjoyed for ten years. We have also just celebrated Fathers' Day with a picnic at the lake.

PHOTOS TO FOLLOW when I get a chance..

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