Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter in Canberra

We enjoyed  spending Easter at home. Our church services were very meaningful and we had a chance to catch up with family, enjoyed going to the Folk Festival on Saturday, helped Cameron at his house for a little while on Sunday and had a very pleasant afternoon tea with a group of neighbours yesterday afternoon. We didn't quite get to the bike ride we had thought about going on! I think I am well enough to do that again, which is nice. Rick has wanted to go for ages but I have been too achey. He rides to work two or three times a week and enjoys it very much.

It was very special to spend time with Lois, Phoebe, Stuart, Cherie and Cameron when they visited us over Easter.  Lois had a busy time on Friday and Saturday, playing with her little friend Melody, who visited  with her mum and dad from Sydney. Lois was a bit unwell with a cold but still tried to enjoy being at Grandma and Grandad's house yesterday.

Here are some shots of  Phoebe... now two and a half months old. She seems to be no trouble at all for her mum and dad. Cherie is planning her trip back to visit family in Seoul in a few weeks' time. This will be exciting for her and all her family in Sth Korea, but she is understandably a little bit apprehensive about the plane trip with two little ones.

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