Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Father's Day

The beginning of Spring has brought beautiful weather after so many cold days this Winter.They say that it's been the coldest Winter here for 12 years.

I can remember 12 years ago (the year 2000), when it snowed  and stayed on the ground one day in May! That year we had a full house. The boys were both still at home and we had niece Lyndal and nephew Josh living with us. They all played in the snow that day.
Later on that year, we had Bruce staying as well. He had just taken up a job in Canberra. Sylvia and Amy came in the following January (2001) when they had bought a house.

Anyway...... back to the present.
Last Sunday we enjoyed time together at the lake and back at our house. The occasion was Father's Day.
Richard asked for a picnic at the lake for lunch. it was a good choice as the day was lovely and sunny and not too cold. We then came back for afternoon tea at our house. Such a nice time together.

 Lois didn't want to wear her hat so we put it on her teddy.

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