Sunday, August 19, 2012

Meeting the new twins: Ben and Sam

Yesterday, Saturday August18, we had the pleasure of a visit from some Sydney family members. Miriam, Matt, Noah (4), Sophie (1), Paul, Jeni and Ma and Pa all came from afar to pay homage to the newly born twin boys of Amy and Gavin, their proud parents. Also to the grand parents, Bruce and Sylvia.

 I was lucky to have a hold of Samuel Frazer, while Benjamin Nathan was sleeping in the pram.
 Rick had Lois who was fascinated with all the people in Sylvia and Bruce's house
                        Ma with Samuel

                         Benjamin sleeping peacefully....

                             Samuel Frazer - a little unsettled  but very cute

Cameron, Stuart, Cherie and Lois joined us.We all saw these amazing little boys, who are now the equivalent of newborns. They were born at about the "six weeks premature" mark on July 8. Such a great celebration to see them thriving and to watch them as they slept and wriggled. I was lucky to have a hold of both of them too.

If you are interested, see my sister-in-law's blog ( Nana Sylvia) with some more lovely pics of the babies and the family visit.

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