Tuesday, March 20, 2012

What have we been up to?

It's been a while since I sat down to blog.

February was unexpectedly busy at school . I filled in for two weeks before some new staff were appointed. After two weeks I went on the casual list once more and have been working 2 or 3 days per week. I have worked out that casual is the best situation for me. I enjoy it and it gives me the flexibility to look after my health and also do some other pleasant and important things, like catching up with friends and family. I can now even go out at night and not need three days to recover!
I am feeling so much better this year. It has taken a full two years to recover from the surgeries and the many side effects of the drugs.

Rick is working full-time and has been told that the job will be extended until  to the end of June.No papers are signed as yet, but that will hopefully happen soon. His current contract runs out on March 31.

Cameron is doing well at work and has recently joined one of the choirs that Rick is in. He will see how he likes it for this term.

Stuart and Cherie seems to be happy and settled here in Canberra and Lois is just so cute! We are thoroughly enjoying  seeing her everyday....as they are living with us. It's been working out very well. Stuart is studying Networking at CIT and Cherie is enjoying spending time with her new friends and attending some playgroups.
Lois in the car ready for a day out. It has been unusually cold and wet this Summer so  there were a couple of days when she wore this cute coat ( a present from a close friend in Seoul)

Lois LOVES soft toys, especially teddies. Barbara gave her this one and she cuddles it passionately.

The only photo we seem to have of the church camp. We took our larger tent, which was a great success. We could actually stand up in it! The weather was perfect for the Saturday ans we enjoyed  our swim in  unusually clear and calm  waters

Lois loves eating and here she is getting stuck into a nectarine.

Rick sang in his choir at The Government House Open Day last Sunday. he is hiding up the back. His brother John was visiting and took a few shots on his new I-Phone.
GG's Open Day

GG's lake view

Perfect Autumn weather for a picnic

Lois and Cameron having a moment!

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