Saturday, August 21, 2010

Election Day

I've been busy working these past few weeks. Richard has a one day a week job at the moment. He is catching up on things at home . He is applying for any contracts he's made aware of.
Since the beginning of August I have noticed an increase in my energy levels. I am hoping this means that I have turned the corner!
It's been six months now since my last operation, so I am hoping I have said "goodbye" to the debilitating fatigue and the joint aches. It's been good to be able to earn some money while managing the busy teaching days well.
Stuart and Cherie are safely back in Seoul. They have just told us that they hope to return to Australia for good in February 2011. This is an exciting prospect for us all.
Cameron is the UK. He has gone for a month with is uni friend, Ben. Ben has been able to access free 5 star hotel accommodation for part of the trip! Cameron is in London right now and soon will be visiting Paris and Rome. He's enjoying himself so far.

Today I voted. Richard and Cameron voted earlier and Stuart voted at the Australian Embassy in Seoul. The choice we had to make this time was the hardest one that I can remember.

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