Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July road trip to Victoria - Part 1

Towong: July 6 to 11
Rick was experimenting with his mobile phone, which has an option to take panoramic shots.

We were offered a lovely retreat overlooking the upper Murray River. This was made available through a special foundation that helps those affected by a diagnosis of breast cancer. There are such caring people in the world!

The house was situated on a hill in a tiny place called Towong, in Victoria. It had stunning views of the Murray River and green pastures in the foreground, with snow covered mountains, including Mt Kosciuszko, as the back drop. We had a very relaxing time. It was freezing cold and foggy every morning until midday. When the fog finally lifted, a 180 degree spectacular view appeared!

The house had a Blue Wren theme. Rick tried many times to get good shots of these little birds. I included this one as it was the best. It was on the glass panel in the front door!

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