Saturday, March 28, 2009

Where did February and March go?

I have been busy at school. Not a spare minute until now to update this blog!
I have a great year3 class and a wonderful teaching partner, but it's hectic. No time for a social life.
Two weeks to go of this term and then it's Easter.
After Easter, Cameron, Rick and me will be jetting off to Seoul for the big wedding! Stuart and Cherie are getting married in Seoul on April 25.
Much excitement and anticipation!
Rick and I have bought new suitcases ready for the big trip. Our passports are all in order. I have bought my low black shoes to wear with my special outfit, called a"hanbok". The men have their suits ready. We fly out on April 16 and we return on April27. It's not long now!

Aren't they lovely suitcases?

I checked with our Korean experts as to whether these shoes were suitable. They got the tick of approval. Pity about the legs! Glad the hanbok is full length!

The tale of some lovely nieces and others......

We have recently welcomed back Lyndal and Nick from their one-year adventure in London. They came back just in time for Amy and Gavin's wedding.

Miriam , Amy, Janelle, Lyndal and Sylvia at the wedding.

Cameron and Nick at Amy and Gavin's wedding.

Lyndal looked beautiful as the matron of honour and Bruce was telling Gavin that he doesn't have to worry if it rains , because the roof of his sports car is backin place.

We have farewelled Avril, who is spending a year in Connecticut.

Goodbye Avril.

Deirdre and Pa at the airport, farewelling Avril

Pa and Paul at the airport

Ma and Sarah at the airport.

We have celebrated with Amy and Gavin , as they were married in style on March 14.

Amy looked beautiful , as did Sylvia. Gavin scrubbed up very well.

Cameron and cousin Emma

Breaking news...

James and Sarah have announced their engagement today - 28th March, 2009

Matt, Miriam and newly- engaged Sarah

Newly- engaged James, on the right

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