Thursday, January 1, 2009

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

On Christmas Eve, the Lamonts and the Canberra Frazers had dinner together. We missed Lyndal and Nick being with us. They spent Christmas in New York.
On Christmas Day we went to church here in Canberra and then drove to Sydney for dinner. We packed up Stuart completely from Canberra , as he had just got word that he would be leaving for Seoul sometime after Christmas.

Christmas Eve in Canberra...

Christmas in Sydney...

So the four of us travelled with the trailer to Sydney. We had a great family get together and delicious food at Deirdre's house. Paul and Jeni weren't with us as they were visiting Jeni's family in Melbourne. Paul and Jeni kindly offered for us to stay over night in their lovely apartment with an ocean view. That was very pleasant indeed!
We also missed seeing family from London, Ballarat, Wollongong and Gunnedah. We welcomed Sarah Elizabeth and missed being able to introduce Cherie.

The following day was Boxing Day. We had a beautiful brunch with the extended family at cousin Anne's house, before Rick and I took off to Newcastle to see Philip Lamont. The next day, Tom and Angela Lamont joined us and we had a great time catching up over an Italian lunch. We also toured the John Hunter Hospital, where Philip is working.

We returned to Sydney and had breakfast with Andrew at the Lugarno Deli.

Happy New Year ! Hope 2009 is a great year for you!

Stuart has safely arrived in Seoul, Sth Korea. His flight left Sydney at 9:30am on New year's Eve.
He called to say he had arrived safely and he and Cherie were travelling from Seoul airport(at about 10:30pm our time) . He said he was on the way to see the school where he'll be teaching English. Following that he was going to be taken to his accommodation. It was great that he could go earlier than expected. Cherie was very excited too. Initially it was going to be February.

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